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Business Deposit Products

As a locally owned bank we realize the importance of assisting businesses to grow and prosper. We would love to partner with you as you pursue success. Along with great accounts we also offer free online banking solutions to help you manage your finances.

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Business Checking

Our business checking account is designed to fit any size business from start-ups all the way to corporate accounts. We’re here to help you and your business succeed! This non-interest-bearing account is best suited for business customers who need an account with unlimited check writing. This account is easy to open with a minimum deposit of $100.00. 

Business Savings

Running a business can be hard but saving money doesn’t have to be. Opening a business savings account and having a solid savings plan is key to building a solid financial foundation for your business. This account is great to help keep your reserve separate from operation expenses and earn interest on your money. Requires minimum deposit of $100.00 to open.

Business Money Market

If you are looking to earn more interest than you would with a savings account, a Money Market account may be the best choice for you. This interest-bearing account is available for customer who maintain a higher monthly balance and are looking for limited withdrawal privileges. Requires minimum deposit of $1,000.00 to open.

Business Certificates of Deposit (CD)

A CD is a great option to earn a set interest rate for a fixed term on money that you do not always need access to. This product is great for businesses who want to invest their money for a set amount of time ranging from 3 months to 3 years. Requires minimum deposit of $1,000.00 to open.

Account Opening Information

Each business account requires certain documentation to be presented at account opening. Please call our Customer Service Department to get a list of what is required for your business. Some of the documents that may be required are listed below.

  • Employer Identification Number
  • Business License
  • Articles of Organization
  • Partnership/Operating Agreement
  • Minutes
  • Charter

FDIC Insurance

With full FDIC insurance up to $250,000 you can feel secure. If you will have a larger balance, inquire with us to help ensure that all your money is secured!

Come in and see one of our Customer Service Representatives today! We look forward to helping your business grow.

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Changing banks can be a hassle but making the move to PEB doesn’t need to be. With our convenient Switch Kit, we’ll help get you organized and make bringing your accounts over a breeze.

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